What is solarzon®

Now, the innovative IoT technology has been applied to electric motors. Beyond simple remote control, you can easily and conveniently control the motor through your smartphone anytime, anywhere

Advanced SmartAstro™ function that automatically opens and closes the position of the sun in real time, Geo-fencing function that automatically closes when you go out, scheduling function that automatically opens in response to wake-up calls, and free apps that can be used by all family members getting all the features to increase

Light control is a very important part of everyday life. Light is the most complete interior material

Experience the innovative technology provided by solarzon®

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Smart phone

Beyond the limitations of remote control, solarzon® provides all the functionality you need on your smartphone. Expand your users with app downloads now without adding
a remote


The solarzon® easily integrates with the motor. Simply create a group with a few choices. Simply replace the existing external receiver with solarzon® and the wiring is the same as before. solarzon® is ready for business without new learning


solarzon® operates on the Internet. Now you can control the blinds / curtains / awning of your home from anywhere in the world. There is no need to rush home when the wind blows or the snow falls

solarzon® has no limits

Beyond the limits of conventional 1/4/16 channel control,there is no limit on the motor that can be controlled simultaneously

User Manual

solarzon® is easy

Intuitive and simple UI that does not need to learn

You can select the setting screen according to the method of operating up and down and the method of operating left and right

Venetian Blind

Roller Shade



Simple group setting

Groups can be set up easily. You can use it right away with a few choices

1.Set Group name

2.Choose solarzon®


Scheduling Control

Schedule setting according to repeated life pattern

Repetitive and cumbersome blinds / curtains / awnings can be set easily and comfortably all year round

1.Time Set

2.Select repeated day



Tracks the location of the sun in real time

Understand the position of the sun in real time according to the installation position of the awning and automatically operate

solarzon® and Yonomi® Integraion

Coming soon in 2018 2Q!

With Solarzon and Yonomi, you can sync your awnings and blinds with other smart home devices to create optimal shade for every activity. Set up a “Garden Party” Routine to create the ideal setting for hosting guests on your back patio. Or, set up a Yonomi Routine that automatically closes the blinds when you leave the house for added security and peace of mind.

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solarzon® is expandable

Leverage the Open API to extend the capabilities of your existing integrated management system

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Innovative WiFi configuration technology

Innovative technology that transmits information to the light of the smartphone screen, setup completed within 10 seconds

If the color of the screen blinks rapidly in white and black according to the information, the light sensor recognizes it and processes information Easy to set up on any phone like Android, iPhone

Video Tutorial

solarzon® Inside

Test Up, Down, and Stop with three built-in test buttons

Installation Guide

solarzon® provides the fastest wiring method

World-class WAGE® CAGE CLAMP® technology reduces work time by 75% compared to screw tightening

solarzon® Specification

Core Features

solarzon® is a revolutionary technology-based IoT device

power and motor power must match

solarzon® Configuration